Why Orka?

We chose Orcas as an emblem for our company because they are one of the smartest and most adaptive animals on the planet.

Here’s how, at Orka, we embody their strongest values

Fast and adaptive

In a world that’s changing faster than ever, a fast-paced and adaptive working style is more valuable than ever.

Efficient communication

When working internationally and across programming languages, it’s easy to get lost in translation. Wherever you’re from we can speak your language.

Clever solutions

We understand that during any project, circumstances can change, which is why we value and practice adaptability through a sprint-based approach.

Global presence

Our team members are spread globally, with presence in San Francisco, Berlin, London and Belgrade.

Founder and Managing Director

Corentin Cremet

At Orka, Corentin is in charge of finding new business and making sure the company exceeds its goals.

Corentin is passionate about bringing innovative mobile technology to help technology companies develop. He studied computer science at CNAM in Nantes and started his career working for Microsoft and Orange. In 2005, he started providing business development services for startups, which led him to develop a large network of startup entrepreneurs as well as media and IT companies in Central and Western Europe, the UK, the US and Australia. Since 2010, he’s focused on developing relations in the Balkans, in particular Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo.

Corentin was organizer and facilitator for Startup Weekends in several Western and Eastern European countries (London, Nantes, Skopje, Banja Luka 2011, Rennes, Cluj and Sarajevo 2012) and he’s a regular participant in international conferences such as the Mobile World Congress, CTIA, SXSW, and Pioneers Festival.

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